Monday, 6 June 2011

#30 BRYN Y GAER.5-6-11.

Seriously going stir crazy having not walked for 4 week's and my knee still giving me gip i decided to try this little local walk to see how my knee would hold up.Me and Julie parked the car in Caergwrle,walked passed the now closed Derby Arms public house,across the packhorse bridge and up to Hawarden road.We walked for a while on the Wats Dyke long distance footpath before turning away to join the path that lead's to Bryn y Gaer.Found a few geo-caches along the way before heading up to Caer Estyn through the tree's.

After skirting the disused quarry we headed back to the road to find a cache by the road bridge.

We then retraced our footstep's to the packhorse bridge,found another cache here.

The path now go's past the old Caergwrle Brewery on our way back to the car.A pleasant little stroll of 2.5 miles with 400 feet of ascent.

MILEAGE         206
ASCENT           51,400
TOPS                 59.

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