Tuesday, 26 July 2011

#37.TRYFAN via Little and North Gully.24-7-11.

After seeing a trip report on the walking forum that Julian posted when he ascended Tryfan via these gullies and with me never have done them i asked him could he show me the way up them,his reply was yes so we hatched a plan to take in Bristley Ridge,descend Gribin,enter the Nameless Cwm and ascend Senior's Ridge,descend to Llyn y Cwn,ascend Y Garn and then take the Sheep Path back into Cwm Idwal.A few phone call's and we have 7 in our group,namely me,Julian,Glyno,Cogstar,Howie,Dave Hall and Photopaul.Assembling in the walled car park at the foot of Tryfan,suited and booted and we're off,we picked our way across the boulder field to the high stile at the top of the wall to pick the North Ridge up.Layer's started to come off as it was getting hot under a lovely blue sky.This is the view down to Llyn Ogwen.

We ascended the north ridge for a while and then left it to traverse across to the Heather Terrace.

Passing Nor Nor i noticed some rope climber's.

The cloud's above Tryfan were amazing,i couldn't stop looking up at them.

We took a breather at the bottom of Little Gully and then got stuck into it.It is a relatively easy scramble and i really enjoyed it.

The scramble lead's right to the foot of Adam and Eve and as we neared the summit we could see some people jumping them to gain "Freeman of Tryfan status".

We summit'ed 2 hour's after we started off and enjoyed a break at the top.Photopaul jumped Adam and Eve and i duly followed,my 15th jump on my 29th ascent of Tryfan.Replenished with food and drink we quickly descended to Bwlch Tryfan.Heading for Main Gully on Bristley Ridge Cogstar lead the way.Into the first difficult chimney he quickly made his way out and over the top and out of sight.Glyno approached the wall and was undecided how to ascend it,so as Julian and myself were a little way below him we had a better view of the wall and told him to take the left line,just as he made to move off a shower of stone's came cascading over the lip ,there must have been about 30 of all sizes and before Glyno could react the largest hit him on top of his head.Julian and myself had a bit more time to react and curled up into a ball,luckily only the smaller stone's showered us.Glyno immediately clutched his head and blood started to ooze out from between his finger's.I told him to come down to us as we were in a better position.The blood was running down his forehead and nose by the time he reached us.The only bit of first aid kit we had was Julian's,so Glyno put 1 buff on his head,i put a gauze bandage on the wound and put Glyno's second buff over it.A bit of blood seeped through but it stopped quite quickly.Amazing Glyno said he felt ok and was willing to carry on but i persuaded him to leave the mountain.Unfortunately Cogstar could not descend so had to finish the scramble on his own and met us by Llyn Bochlwyd and we all walked back to the car park.Happily Glyno suffered no further pain and had a good night's sleep and was able to go to work the next day.Our curtailed walk came in at 3 mile's in distance with 2,200 feet of ascent.

MILEAGE       271
ASCENT         65,200
TOPS              71.

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