Friday, 26 August 2011

#40.Jersey.Gorey to St. Helier 18-8-11.

Having walked the north coast year's ago and most of the west coast i wanted to walk the east and south coast on this trip.There was a fete on in Gorey so me and Julie took the 10 o'clock bus to Gorey and had a walk around the fete first before setting off for St. Helier.It was a beautiful morning and very warm as we walked down Gorey pier.

The castle looking majestic on it's lofty perch.

We left the fete at 11 o'clock and set off for St. Helier.We applied sun cream straight away and i walked with my top off and as soon as we reached the beach we took our walking shoes off as well.It was lovely walking at the waters edge,the sea lapping at our feet.

After stopping for an ice cream the beach started to get pebbley so we put our shoes back on and walked on top of the sea wall.Below is Fort Henry on the Royal Jersey Golf Course.

After the last French invasion in 1781 which happened on this coast Britain built a lot of Round Tower's.These tower's are bigger and predate Martello Tower's,and there are a lot along this stretch of coast,and are all privately owned.

Leaving the Royal Bay of Grouville we rounded La Rocque Point and into St. Clement's Bay.

Below looking out to Icho tower which lies a quarter of a mile out.

Rounding La Nez Point we could now see St. Helier in the distance,but it was a long walk along the beach at La Greve d'Azette.

Luckily now it had clouded over but was still very hot,walking bare foot over the sand was awkward because of the lug worm casts.

Finally we reached Harve Des Pas outdoor swimming pool where we both quickly got into our swimming costumes and plunged into the cooling water's.

Although we both enjoyed this walk it was really uncomfortable as there was no breeze,it was 80 degrees and with us being caked in sun cream we were sweaty and sticky,the swim was heaven.The distance of this walk was 7.5 miles with no ascent !

MILEAGE      301
ASCENT       69,350
TOPS            76.

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