Monday, 23 April 2012

#27.A day geo-caching.23-4-12.

A short walk today from Coddington just over the English border near Farndon,Cheshire along the Bishop Bennet Way collecting the geo-caches that have been hidden with my work colleague John Price.The walk started near the Marsh Caravan Park along a bridle path and soon enter's  field's with some frisky cow's in them.Shoo-ing them out the way we passed Highfield Farm and walked a short distance along a lane before entering another field full of crop's.

Our route took us over the Plowley Brook seen below.

We had been lucky with the weather which was sunny up until now but we were caught in a heavy shower on the bridle path that lead's to Stretton Watermill,seen below.

The last 30 minute's walking back to the car we managed to dry off as the rain had stopped.We walked 4.5 mile today on this boring stretch of countryside.

MILEAGE    192
ASCENT      48,100
TOPS           53.

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