Tuesday, 29 May 2012


Today's walk was a visit to my favourite mountain,Tryfan and it was my 31st visit to climb it.Having travelled up with Howie and Clive we met Glyno and Julian at the long lay-by near Gwern Gof Uchaf Farm.

It was very hot and hardly a cloud in the sky and after applying sun cream we set off.

We took the path through the farm and skirted below Tryfan Bach and headed for the North Ridge.The pace was slow due to the heat but we were all enjoying the scramble.About half way up to the cannon we saw lot's of soldier's ascending below us and one of them shouted up to us enquiring the whereabout's of it,we told them the way and they followed us up anyway as we were going that way.

We reached the quartz covered rock's and i knew we were a short distance from the cannon,scrambling over and around a few more outcrop's we had reached it,and we crawled up it to pose for photo's.

The soldier's soon arrived so we set off for the summit leaving them to pose on it.Reaching "Piccadily Circus" i made the decision to take Clive around the Traversing path on the east face thus avoiding the hard scramble over the false summit's,Howie came with us and Glyno and Julian opted for the tougher route.On the path we chose i kept glancing up and could see the boy's high above us waving.Below is Clive and soldier's on this path.

We let the soldier's pass and watched them scramble up one of the gullies but we carried on round to Little Gully where Julian had dropped down to meet us.The soldier's were now on the summit and jumping Adam and Eve above us.

We scrambled directly up to the famous rock's and met up with the other's on the summit,and about 80 soldier's as well.They provided us with some great entertainment with their antic's on Adam and Eve,even "planking" it.

After having a break we set off down the South Ridge and Clive made the decision to walk back to the car leaving us to take the Miner's Path over to Y Foel Goch.

A short climb up through rock's and we reached Llyn Caseg-fraith,this lake with Tryfan behind provides a great photo opportunity.

We soon reached the summit of Y Foel Goch and here we had another break.Heading north a short distance away is Gallt yr Ogof which we soon reached and after a few photo's we carried on along the ridge until we picked a fence up that Julian had followed previously.We followed this fence down to Nant yr Ogof and then followed this stream down to the old A5.Passing Gwern Gof Isaf we followed this track back to Gwern Gof Uchaf and then back to the car's and a waiting Clive.The distance walked was 6 miles with 2,800 feet of ascent.

MILEAGE      235.5
ASCENT       57,300
TOPS            60.


  1. Great report of a great day out!

  2. Nice one Max, certainly seemed more than six miles!