Tuesday, 8 February 2011

#13.Llantisilio Loop.8-2-11.

I set off early this morning hoping to catch the sun rising and after a frosty night hoping for a cloud inversion over the River Dee,and i wasn't disappointed.I left the house at 7.15 a.m. and took a detour up onto the Panorama and caught the sun rising in the east.

The view down the Panorama to Castell Dinas Bran (Crow Castle) on the left.

I dropped in to Llan. and headed for Rhewl and was delighted to see the cloud inversion over the River.

I parked by the Capel in Rhewl and was walking by 8 o'clock,up past the 14th century Sun Inn,a nice frosty start,minus 2 degree's the car told me.

I took a different route into the hill's today going up to a house called Cymmo and taking the drover's path.

The drover's path is very steep and as the temperature was rising i started to sweat so my coat and glove's had to come off.This is the view back down the Dee Valley from the top of the drover's path.

And looking up to Moel Morfydd from the same spot,i was glad of the rest.

The colour's were amazing this morning and the wildlife was great,i saw pheasants,pigeons,magpies,all kinds of tits,nuthatches,chaffinch,crows,blackbirds,robins,rabbit and load's of sheep,no traffic noise just nature.
    I normally head up the path that skirt's under Moel Morfydd and then up the north flank but i decided on a little detour today heading south on a good track away from the mountain,this gave me some nice view's over to Moel Fferna in the Berwyn's.

The path eventually turn's north and takes you directly to Moel Morfydd.It is badly eroded by the illegal use of off road motorcyclist's.

A steep pull up the south flank to reach the trig point and the next hill's to walk.

Today the view's were fantastic,i colud see the Berwyn range,the Aran's Arenig Fawr,the Clwydian hill's and every mountain over 3,000 feet in Eryri,seen here.

I now walked across to the hillfort of  Moel y Gaer and then steeply up Moel y Gamelin,this is the view back from the summit.

Looking down to the River Dee,the cloud having dispersed.

I now headed off the mountain east toward's the Berwyn Slate Quarry.

The path now head's to a small copse of tree's and i take the path that is to the left of the tree's.

A gentle sloping path now descend's to Rhewl.On leaving the copse you get this lovely view back up to the mountain's i have just walked.

You pass some lovely house's on the descent.

Me think's that this Ford Fiesta and caravan haven't moved for a while.

You eventually reach a building called"The Conquering Hero",this was one of seven pub's in Rhewl (the Sun Inn is the only one left) and the last to shut in the 1980's.Apparently the other 6 pub's didn,t want another in the village and opposed it but the gentleman trying to open it as a pub fought them and won the right to open it and called it the Conquering Hero after himself,well done sir.

The walk took 3 hour's and was 6.5 mile's long with 2,500 feet of ascent.

MILES         79
ASCENT     20,850
TOPS          27

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