Monday, 7 February 2011

#12.Ellesmere lake and canal.6-2-11.

The weather in North Wales this weekend was very poor,continuous rain that produced 5 inches and very strong wind's,and it didn't look like we would get out but on looking at the forecast sunday morning it had been predicted to ease off for a few hour's in the North Shropshire,so we decided on a short walk in Ellesmere only 10 mile's from Wrexham.We parked by the side of the biggest lake on the A528,this is called "The Mere",and were immediately surrounded by the wildfowl of the lake looking for some food.

We walked clockwise around the Mere through Cremome Garden's to Paddock Wood.The wind was whipping up some big wave's on the Mere and the few people that were kayaking were having a great time.

On exiting the wood we took a path up to the large property of the Oteley Estate and walked through the ground's and passing close to it's terraced garden.

Close up of terrace.

The road through the estate eventually reaches the A528 and at the entrance we came across the old gatehouse now ruined,what a shame.

We crossed the A528 and dropped down onto the Shropshire Union Canal.This is the tunnel under the A528.

We followed the canal path back to Ellesmere,past lot's of sculpture's.

We eventually reached the marina.

A short walk up Love Lane in the town and past St. Mary's Church.

Back to the A528,turn right and the short walk back to the gaggling Greylag Geese.

Although a very windy walk it was quite mild,we only had a few spot's of rain.Due to the heavy rain recently the lake was higher then normal and we stopped at the Cross Foxes in Overton on the way home to take a few photo's of the swollen River Dee.

The walk was 3 mile's long with a leg hurting 100 feet of ascent.

MILES        72.5
ASCENT    18,350
TOPS          24

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