Sunday, 30 January 2011

#11.Llantisilio Mountains.29-1-11.

After a tough week in work i was desperate to get out for a walk on saturday providing the weather was ok,and after checking the forecast on friday night the walk was on.The forecast was for a clear night with the temperature dropping to minus 5 and a sunny day.Julie wasn't feeling to well on the saturday but she still wanted to get out of the house so i decided on the Llantisilio Mountain's,a local favourite of our's.We parked by Capel Hebron and headed up the lane past the Sun Inn.

It was a balmy minus 1 on leaving the car and we were well wrapped up to keep the cold out.As we gained height and found some shelter from a small copse of tree's we had to take our coat's off.

On leaving the tree's you get a great view of Moel Morfydd.

Out in the open it was freezing cold,the wind really biting,so the coat's went back on.On the last pull up to the summit of Moel Morfydd Julie was really struggling and we had to have a few stop's for her to recover,but i wasn't complaining as the view's are lovely all around.We eventually reached the summit and we could see the whole range in front of us.

To cold to linger we set off for the old hillfort Moel y Gaer.

A lot of heather on the mountain has been has been cut and collected into bundle's,i wonder what they will use it for?

As Julie was feeling poorly we decided to cut the walk short by taking the green lane that contour's horizontal low down on Moel y Gamelin,seen here,to reach Rhewl.

One last look back up to the peak's we had walked over.

We walked 4.5 mile's with 1700 feet of ascent,a great effort by Julie considering how poorly she was.

MILES           69.5
ASCENT       18,250
TOPS             24.

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