Saturday, 15 January 2011

#6.Wilderness Walk.15-1-11

Me and Julie had planned to walk in the mountain's today but the forecast was for heavy rain so we decided to stay local.We have some lovely countryside locally and regularly walk here when we can't get to the mountain's.From Rhosrobin we crossed the Llay New Road and walked across the field until we reached Pandy,we followed the path that run's along side the railway line and then under the bridge to come out by the ski-slope that was never completed.

We then followed the track down to the River Alyn to emerge by the Wilderness Mill Farm.The river was quite high today after all the recent rainfall.

We followed the single track road up hill to arrive back to the Llay New Road which we crossed again to enter Alyn Waters Country Park.We then dropped down to Hack,the animal sanctuary,and past by the ruined Bradley Mill before turning onto the river path.

There were very few people out today due to the drizzle and cold and we had a nice quiet walk along this path.When we got to the long wooden walkway that stretches across the boggy section i was surprised to see that a new bridge has been placed along the old one,about time to as the old one had twisted and sank considerably.It was on this old bridge that Julie gave me the funniest sight i have ever seen in the flood's of 1999.

We left the river and headed up to the visitor centre and popped in to see if there were any new leaflet's.

We left Alyn Waters,went past Gwersyllt Cricket Club and across the Wauns and the short walk back home.
The distance today was 4.5 mile's with a massive 350 feet of ascent.

MILES        41
ASCENT    10,900
TOPS          17

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