Friday, 28 January 2011

#10.GREAT ORME.23-1-11.

Day 3 of our stay we decided on the Great Orme as we were to meet our son,his girlfriend and our granddaughter in Llandudno later in the afternoon.We had free ticket's to visit Caernarvon Castle which we used and then dashed down the A5 to park up on the West Shore of Llandudno.The chosen path today was the one behind the Toll House.After a short distance we stopped to easily locate the Dawn Recon 1 geo-cache and then hit the steep path that slant's N.E. up to the wall.Give's you great view's and is well worth the effort.

We followed the wall east to reach the disused quarry near the summit complex.Here people "write" there name in the discarded rock's,hey what's this and no i didn't do it.

We followed the tramline back into town stopping to find the micro geo-cache behind the G.O.T. sign.We met up with Rich,Lynz and Eva and had a sunday dinner in Wetherspoons and had a stroll down the pier.

After saying our farewell we walked back to the west shore.Today's distance was 4.5 mile's with 700 feet of ascent.

MILES           65
ASCENT       16,550
TOPS            22

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