Wednesday, 26 January 2011


Day 2 of our 3 day jaunt saw us wake to a very frosty morning with the moon setting below Moel Eilio's Braich.

After breakfast in the hotel we nipped into Llanberis for supplies and set off steeply out of the town on the back lane's.We had a little delay as we watched a skip lorry trying to reverse into a farm yard off this narrow lane,first he caught the wall knocking a few stone's off it so he tried again,this time one of the arm's that pick the skip up caught a large ash tree by the farm entrance,but he was not for stopping and carried on,SNAP,a piece of the tree about 20 feet long broke off and fell to the floor.He had just about got the back end of the lorry around the corner but had to stop to move the section of tree that had snapped off,there was just enough room for us to squeeze past and carry on.We got our first glimpse of Moel Eilio soon after.

And a view of Dinas Osian Hillfort,we had no plan's to visit it but it was such a lovely morning that we decided on a detour to it.

Walking in the sun it was quite warm sheltered on this side of the mountain and slowly the layer's were coming off.We soon reached the cairn on top of the hillfort and started to get some great view's.Moel Eilio.

Elidir Fawr and a frosty Llanberis.

And a mini cloud inversion in the Marchlyn Mawr area.

Leaving the hillfort a few runner's past us but we were the only one's walking this fine morning.Gaining height on the Braich as it was so warm unbelievably we were walking now in our tee-shirt's.

It was a similar day today as yesterday,lovely and sunny in the mountain's but misty and dull elsewhere,Anglesey totally hidden under a blanket of cloud.When we reached the fence and started the last climb up to the summit of Moel Eilio the temperature started to dip and we started to layer up.We got a view of Y Eifl (the rival's) "floating" in the cloud's.

Soon we were at the summit cairn and boy it was freezing,it was a little blowy so on with the coat's,glove's and hat's.Julie made a brew whilst i nipped across to quickly find the geo-cache a short way from the shelter.We couldn't take our eye's off the inversion around Y Eifl.

We didn't linger long as it was freezing cold and set off to Foel Gron.We had some great view's across to the Nantlle Ridge,in the distance the Glyderau and ahead to the summit of Yr Wyddfa and it's satellite hill's.

View toward's the Nantlle.

Tryfan making an appearance.

We soon reached Foel Gron and had a lovely view down into Cwm Dwythwch and it's Llyn.

At the bwlch we found some shelter from the wind so we sat in the sun and had a bite to eat.Looking around we could see quite a lot of walker's now taking advantage of the lovely weather.Above us the cloud's looked nice.

The Ground was solid on the northern slope's but was thawing in the sun on the southern flank's and it was a little slippy as Julie was to find out soon.This photo is looking down to Llyn Cwellyn,Nant Colwyn and down the valley toward's Beddgelert.

Leaving Foel Goch the path drop's steeply down to Bwlch Maesgwm,here it was very slippery and i moved across to find some harder ground and was just about to tell Julie to move across to join me and she slipped,she let out a sort of Michael Jackson squeal,threw the trekking pole's away,pirouetted 180 degree's,fell face down on the muddy grass and slid about 10 metre's down the slope and stopped.My first concern was to ask her if she had hurt herself,she hadn't,but she had a fair amount of mud down one side and i had to get a photo.

I collected the trekking pole's and we set off down Cwm Maesgwm.This is a lovely path back to Llanberis passing lot's of old derelict cottage's in the valley.

We left the path and cut across the field's to follow the Afon Arddu to first visit the  Ceunant Bach Waterfall  and then the Ceunant Fawr Waterfall.

A short walk down into Llanberis under the Snowdon Mountain Railway Bridge,with it's ornate twisted arch, and back to the hotel.

The distance was 8 mile's with 2,600 feet of ascent.

MILES       60.5
ASCENT   15,850
TOPS         21

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