Monday, 18 April 2011

#24.Whitford Cross.16-4-11.

A short walk was the order of the day with Julie recovering from illness and with my massive walk tomorrow.We parked in Whitford and walked up the lane and entered the field's near Garreg Farm,seen here.

We then made our way to Coed y Garreg Forest.

We then detoured to see the Pharos.This round stone structure is reputedly a Roman lighthouse built to help ship's navigating up the Dee Estuary.Other's think it is a 17th century watchtower,built to give warning of pirate raid's.

We next visited Maen Achwyfan (Whitford Cross) a short distance away.

The function of the stone is uncertain,here is the information board's description.

A short walk down quiet country lane's to reach Whitford and it's lovely church.

Distance of walk was 3 mile with 450 feet of ascent.

MILEAGE        161.5
ASCENT          60,900
TOPS                47.

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