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#25.Snowdon Rollercoaster.17-4-11.

Glyno had mentioned this walk to me a while back and asked if i fancy walking it one day and after googling it i said yes.The route was from Llanberis up to Moel Eilio and then Foel Gron,Foel Goch,Moel Cynghorion and up to Yr Wyddfa,it then follow's the Llanberis path back to the village,a nice route but i thought i could spice it up and add a bit more interest to it.Me and Julie have stayed at the Royal Victoria Hotel 3 times recently and have got to know Steffan who own's the Penceunant Isaf cafe,we alway's pop in for a drink after walking in the area and he said i could use his car park any time i'm in the area so i thought this would be an ideal starting point for the walk,we could then take in the ridge to the east of the Llanberis Path thus adding Derlwyn,Moel Tryfan,Llechog and Crib y Ddysgl to the route,now this would be some walk !
       There were a lot of Walking Forum meet up's planned for today but i noticed a few of my friend's were not attending them so i got in touch with them and arranged to meet Glyno,Killy and Julian C.Glyn and Killy met at my house at 6.30a.m. and we set off to meet Julian at the cafe.The forecast i saw was for cloud and possibly rain but Glyn had seen a different forecast and it gave a clear sunny day ?.The journey to Llanberis soon passed and it was a beautiful sunny cloudless day.We pulled into the small cafe car park just before 8a.m. and Julian arrived soon after,as we were getting our boot's on Steffan poked his head out his bedroom window and told us to wait there,he came out to tell us that we could only leave one car there as there was a charity walk on today and they needed most of the car park so Julian took his car down to the village and Killy followed him to ferry him back up.Whilst they were gone Steffan brought 2 massive mug's of tea out for us and the 4 of us shared them.We started walking just after 8 on the Llanberis Path but soon left this and gained height to reach the ridge and got some lovely view's.Looking across to Moel Eilio.

Down to Llanberis.

Across to Moel Cynghorion.

In less then 1 mile we had ascended 800 feet to reach the summit of  Derlwyn.Looking across Moel Eilio looked a long long way away.This ridge offer's great view's and fantastic peaceful walking as nobody bother's to make the effort to walk here,everybody just trudge's up the Llanberis Path to Yr Wyddfa's summit,they are definately missing out.Elidir Fawr's scarred south side.

Another 500 feet of ascent and less then 1 mile we reached Moel Tryfan and a similar ascent and distance and we were on Llechog.We had been walking now for over 1 hour and it was very hot so we had a break here and i put some sun cream on,we all remarked that we regretted not wearing short's and not leaving our wet gear in the car which would of made our bag's lighter.View up the Llanberis Pass.

We passed Clogwyn Station and watched a train descending and then in just over half a mile ascended the 1,000 feet to reach the summit of Crib y Ddysgl.

The summit of Crib y Ddysgl with Moel Eilio and Anglesey beyond.

Looking across to Crib Goch we could see people carefully traversing the arete and lot's of walker's below us on the Pyg and Miner's Path's aiming for Yr Wyddfa.

We walked down to the monlith at the top of the zig-zags and then up to the highest point in Wales,it had taken us 3 hour's.The train's were running up to the summit and this coupled with the walker's and cyclist's made for a very crowded summit.

After a few photo's we made our way across to the Snowdon Ranger Path and descended down to the top of Cwm Brwynog for a break.The cyclist's were soon shooting past us at speed.On the summit of Yr Wyddfa i stupidly made a comment that we had broken the back of the walk,little did i know how hard the remaining 4 mountain's and nigh on 6 mile's was going to be and i was frequently reminded of my comment by the boy's over the last part of the walk,especially on the ascent's when i was struggling.It was here that the conversation turned to top trump's and we joked about a Walking Forum pack and poor old Howie was getting most of the stick.Julian made a brilliant card of Howie later when he got home.Below,our route ahead.

The walk is aptly named as it was now a roller coaster walk as we walked over Moel Cynghorion,Foel Goch,Foel Gron in quick succession,well they were quick and i was slow,to reach the summit cairn on Moel Eilio.Looking back to Yr Wyddfa.

Looking back over Moel Cynghorion to Yr Wyddfa and a train arriving at the summit.

Foel Gron and Moel Eilio.

Heading back to Llanberis.

Last look back to Yr Wyddfa and satellite peak's.

We descended north following the fence and then turned north east down Braich y Foel to reach the railway line,a short walk up the line over the Afon Arddu bridge.

Our way ahead now was across a few field's and we finally reached the cafe where Steffan brought us free cloudy lemonade out to drink.It took 7 hour's and 15 minutes and we walked 11.5 mile's with 5,550 feet of ascent taking in 9 mountain's,an absolutely brilliant walk made even better with the company,these lad's are very very witty and we laughed all the way around,and the weather was awesome.

MILEAGE        173
ASCENT         66,450
TOPS              56

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