Tuesday, 20 September 2011


Had a spare hour and wanting to check out a local lane i headed up to the Waun y Llyn Country Park on a cold clear morning.I was at the summit cairn just after 8 o'clock,below is the view across the Cheshire Plain with a weather front moving across.

The photo's are dark but i wanted to catch the weather front,below you can make out Beeston Castle and the Peckforton Hill's in the distance,right of photo.

Walking past the Llyn i made my way to the far end of the country park.

With a distant view to Moel Famau.

I now left the park and followed the green lane back to the main road.

On the many occasion's i have walked in the park i alway's look down on a derelict house and think to myself i would like to get a closer look at it,the lane run's past the house so today i got that chance.A big lottery win will see me buying this property and doing it up.

On the lane below me to my right i could make out a building/wall so i found a way down into the field and was pleasantly surprised to discover an old limestone kiln.

The walk today was 1.5 mile long with 200 feet of ascent.

MILEAGE        335
ASCENT         76.700
TOPS              82.

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