Monday, 3 October 2011

#48.MOEL SIABOD and RHOS QUARRY.28-9-11.

With most of Britain experiencing an indian summer,Wales being no exception,i set off with Clive to climb Moel Siabod via the Ddaer Ddu ridge.Parking at Bryn-Glo it was very sunny and hot as we left the car park at 10am.Turning right out of the car park we followed the A5 for a short distance before turning left over the Pont Cyfyng rapid's.A short distance through this lovely hamlet and then turning right to pick up the steep lane.

At the top of the lane we passed the ruined house but i was pleasantly surprised to see it was now being renovated at long last.

We got our first glimpse of Moel Siabod here.

And across to the Carneddau.

I took Clive on the short detour to visit the disused Rhos Slate Quarry.

Returning back to the lane we were making slow progress as Clive was struggling in this heat.We applied sun cream when we had a stop at the nameless lake.

There was a lot of water running down the path as we made our way up to the upper part of the quarry so i decided to take the path that run's around the left hand side of Llyn y Foel.

We now had this fantastic ridge to ascend.

Finally we reached the summit after 4 hour's of walking where we took a well earned rest in the old horse shelter.

Although a little misty in the distance we still had some lovely view's all around us,Snowdon Horseshoe.


And along Moel Siabod's crest.

Clive didn't fancy the walk along the crest so we dropped down to the path that comes up from PYB and skirted below the rock's.

We just had the long steep descent to contend with before we reached the lane again.

Cobden's Hotel below Clogwyn Mawr.

This very hot walk was 6 miles in lenght with 2,800 feet of ascent and took us 6 hour's.

MILEAGE        341
ASCENT         79,500
TOPS               83.

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