Friday, 21 October 2011

#55.KENTMERE WALK.20-10-11.

A trip to the Lake District was organised and saw me,Howie and Killy meeting Micky in the beautiful village of Kentmere.We parked near the church on a very frosty,freezing cold but sunny morning.

We left the village walking past "The Nook" and below Ewe Crags heading up the Garburn Pass.It was like walking on a dried up river bed,a horrible ascent over loose stone.

At the top of the pass we got a distant view across to Raven Crag and Red Screes.

And down to a cloud inversion over Windermere.

We now turned right and the path ran below Buck Crag on it's way to Yoke.It was very warm now in the sun but the cloud's were rolling in from the coast and looked like they were bringing rain with them.At least the path improved.

 Summit pose.

The cloud quickly reached us bringing some light drizzle and low cloud so we donned our wet gear as we left the summit.It is a short walk to the next mountain Ill Bell and we were soon at it's summit.

A long way below us lay the Kentmere Reservoir.The cloud blurring the view.

Next up was our third Nuttall,Froswick,again a short walk away.The rain had stopped and the cloud was dispersing.

A happy chappy at the summit of Froswick.

We headed for the course of the old Roman road on our way to Thornthwaite Crag in ever improving weather.

Just as we reached the impressive beacon that mark's the summit it started to cloud over again.

After having dinner here we headed for High Street about 1 mile away.

Micky suggested walking over Mardale Ill Bell and the Nan Bield Pass but i wanted to follow the route i had in my GPS and out of the Nuttall's Book that took in Rough Crag and after much debate we headed for Rough Crag as the weather worsened,the rain getting quite heavy and low cloud again descending upon us.
So we dropped down Riggindale Crag to pick up Rough Crag.

The plan was to walk down to Blea Water,pictured below.

But i was over-ruled and the gang decided to walk down Dudderwick to reach Haweswater Reservoir.

The Rigg.

Here we then walked up the steep path to the top of Gatescarth Pass where we should have ascended Harter Fell but again the group didn't fancy it and the decision was made to walk down the Long Sleddale Valley.

Although the rain had stopped a very cold wind was blowing up the valley into our faces.This 2 mile trek was down on the worst terrain of the day,horrible inverted stones layed for a track and very wet with the recent rain.I slipped on a section and really hurt my knee,i was not a happy bunny.Although it's a beautiful valley i did not enjoy walking it.

Eventually we reached Sadgill and crossed the River Sprint and took the path behind this farm.

2 mile later we arrived at Stile End to eventually reach Kentmere and a great view back up the valley.Today's walk was 15 miles long with 5,000 feet of ascent taking in 6 top's.

MILEAGE  393.5
ASCENT 96,800
TOPS       95

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