Wednesday, 2 November 2011

#56.LLWYTMOR and LLWYTMOR BACH.29-10-11.

I had organised a forum meet up in the Northern Carneddau and we had a decent attendance of 15 member's.The forecast was for a sunny morning but clouding over bringing light rain,turning heavier in the afternoon and with wind's of up to 40-50 mph.
          I had arranged to car share with Julian and Deb so had made them a bacon toastie and cup of tea on their arrival.After breakfast we set off in Julian's car for the journey to Aber Fall's.It was a beautiful clear morning with a stunning sunrise but on approaching Llandudno it got cloudier and we were hit with a massive shower of rain.It didn't last long and we arrived at the Bont Newydd car park in glorious sunshine.
        The other walker's turned up with the exception of the Essex girl's who had stayed overnight in the Oswestry Travel lodge,a text from Donna confirmed they were on their way but had been held up by an overturned lorry.
        Our 9 a.m. meet time came and went so i went to find the nearby geo-cache and grab some photo's.

It was just after 10 a.m. when they arrived and 10.15 by the time we set off along the Afon Goch.

The pace was good on the easy path up to the fall's.

I tried to take another photo and my camera packed in,i went through the menu to see if anything was out of place but i think that it has just died through over use,never mind i have had it for a long time and took hundred's of photo's,time for a new one me think's.
      After a visit to the bottom of the fall's we headed up the scree path that lead's to the top of the fall's.Safely negotiating the slippery rock's we reached the top of the fall's in good time,i noticed that Donna had slowed up but Howie was accompanying her.The weather ahead looked foul,dark cloud's,and the wind started to pick up.Stopping by the sheep fold to wait for Donna and Howie a few spot's of rain started to fall so we donned our wet gear.Still following the Afon Goch Donna and Howie fell back again so i suggested a break behind some big rock's the afforded us some shelter.
    We had walked 2.5 miles in 4 hour's and i was concerned we wouldn't complete the circuit i had proposed so suggested a shortened route.I know some people were disappointed but the pace was very very slow.Moving again the walk steepen's sharply as it head's directly for the summit of 0.8 of a mile it climb's 1,170 feet.The wind was getting stronger by the minute and the team was really spread out now.Again Donna dropped back struggling with the steepness of the mountain,Sioban and Deb now staying with them and me and Julie about 50 metres away.When we looked down to them we saw that Donna was sitting down,we wondered if she had injured herself as the wind was making it difficult to cross the rock's,Julie had been blown over a couple of times.Dennis came down to us and then went down to see if Donna was alright.Howie and Sioban had come up to us to say that Donna had cramps and couldn't go any further.It was decided that Howie would take Donna,Deb and Dennis down and i would collect the other's and bring them down via Llwytmor Bach.So me,Julie and Sioban carefully ascended in the strongest wind i have walked in in year's.We had to crouch down and virtually walk on all four's to progress higher,nearing the summit shelter i sent Julie and Sioban to the col whilst i went to the shelter to relay the message about the other's,i told them my plan's and they were all in agreement and we left the safety of the shelter to meet Julie and Sioban at the col.We still had good view's,the rain was only light but i reckon the wind's were approx. 70-80 mph.Great care was needed leaving Llwytmor as it is a very rocky mountain but we safely reached the grassy saddle and made our way to Llwymor Bach.Here we had another break before descending down to the forest.We found a bit of shelter from the wind here but the rain became really heavy now as we entered the forest and made our way back to the car park.A fast pace down saw us arrive at the car park 10 minutes after the other's where we quickly changed and made our way to the Gladstone Hotel in Dwygyfychi for beer,a chat and a warm.Donna was feeling embarrassed but a lot better but everybody said they had enjoyed the day,especially battling against the wind.In total we walked 7 miles with 2,650 feet of ascent.

MILEAGE         400.5
ASCENT          99.450
TOPS                97.

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