Monday, 7 November 2011

#58.YORK and KNARESBROUGH.6-11-11.

Me and Julie spent the weekend in York and on the sunday we walked the city walls.Parking in the St. George's Field car park below the Skeldergate Bridge which span's the River Ouse.It was a beautiful sunny morning but quite cold being only 8 degree's

Crossing the bridge we climbed up onto the wall's via the Bishop Gate.

Somebody had placed a few geo-caches on the wall's so i picked these up as we walked around.With it being a gorgeous morning the wall's were very busy so stealth was required to grab the caches.

Micklegate Bar below.A bar is an entrance into the city.

York Minster now comes into view.

We now crossed the Lendal Bridge.

By now my memory card was full so we made a detour into town to find a camera shop to buy a new one,taking in a few of the sight's along the way back to the wall.The Shambles below.

The Minster.

Clifford's Tower.

The tower's very efficient grass cutter's.

Returning to the car we drove 15 miles to Knaresbrough to visit Mother Shipton's Caves.I looked at their website to find the postcode but didn't look at the opening times,i assumed it was open all year round,it shut's for November,December and January,doh.Oh well we had a walk along the River Nidd and visited the castle in this beautiful town.

8 miles were walked with a total of 500 of ascent.

MILEAGE        412.5
ASCENT          101,150
TOPS                99.

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