Tuesday, 18 October 2011

#54.SHROPSHIRE HILL'S.15-10-11.

A walking forum meet up was held in the Shropshire Hill's and present were me,Julie,Julian,Deb,PistonPete,Sue,Howie,Lovinit,Sharon,Mike and Brian.We met just outside the village of Ditton's Prior and headed into Stanbrough Wood.

On leaving the wood we turned left up the tarmac path that lead's to the wireless station on top of Abdon Burf first passing an old Dolerite mill.

The highest point in Shropshire.

We then headed for the Shropshire Way LDFP which dropped down to Five Spring's.

Passing a memorial to the 23 airmen who died on the Brown Clee Hill's.

We then dropped down to Cockshutford and it's tiny church.

And a memorial in somebodies back garden.

Next we headed steeply up to Nordy Bank Iron Age Hillfort.

The rampart's enclose an area approx. 250 metres by 200 metres,one of the biggest i've ever seen.

We headed across Clee Common to have our break by the Navigational Station above the disused quarry.

Dropping down into Castle Covert we walked past Boyne Water.

The next part of the walk was through some ancient woodland,some majestic tree's interspersed with young sapling's that had been planted.

Sue had spotted some giant cones and wanted one so Mike climbed the tree and made a grab for one of the cones and as he touched it it disintegrated showering him with hundred's of seed's,man it was funny.

Taking another break by the delightful Bridge Pool......

......before taking the lane back to the car,s with some lovely distant view's.

We stopped at the Howard Arm's in Ditton Prior's before me and Julie drove to our b+b in Bridgnorth.This lovely walk was 10.5 miles long with 1,800 feet of ascent.

MILEAGE       378.5
ASCENT        91,800
TOPS             89.

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