Friday, 16 December 2011

#62.FUERTEVENTURA coastal walk No.1. 8-12-11.

Spending a week on the lovely island of Fuerteventura we took the opportunity to do a couple of coastal walk's.Being based in Caleta De Fuste we walked the coastal path south as far as the sea salt museum (and works) to see the whale skeleton.As the weather had been hot and sunny,averaging 75 degree's we decided to set off straight after breakfast when it was still quite cool and overcast.At first the path is paved as you walk past hotel's but when we reached an area where there was no building's it wasn't paved and the ground was very rough and uneven.

This then led to a sandy area where a lot of stone shelter's had been constructed for people to shelter out of the wind whilst they sun bathed.

The coast had a lot of stone building's on it,not sure what they were used for though.

Nearing the sea salt museum the coast again turn's rocky and the waves were crashing over them.

We eventually reached the sea salt museum and work's.

Near here is the whale skelton that was washed up in 2009 in a hurricane.

We then retraced our step's back to Caleta with the sun now shining,passing the "rubbish bush".

And passing some impressive cacti.

This short walk was 5 mile in length.

MILEAGE    445
ASCENT     108,800
TOPS           106.

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