Monday, 13 February 2012

#10.CNICHT (NEARLY).11-2-12.

This weekend was a strange one alright,the week started off with me booking a hotel in Darlington for the saturday night,i was going to watch the Wrexham game while Julie went around the town and we were going to have a drive to Scarborough on the sunday.Then the game gets postponed on friday morning so i cancel the hotel.Richie had mentioned that he was offered ticket's for the Wales v Scotland R.U. International but refused them so i asked him if they were still available,a quick phone call and the middle man say's he is pretty sure they're still available and we can have them.I start to look for accomodation in Cardiff for the saturday night and find somewhere but didn't book it yet.2 hour's later and the ticket's have been sold to somebody else,dam.I now look at the weather forecast for Snowdonia and it wasn't bad,not great either so i decide to take advantage of an offer Travelodge had sent us and book their Porthmadog lodge for saturday night.
      Saturday morning we set off at 8 a.m. on a murky,frosty morning and when we reached Coedpoeth and then Bwlchgwyn i had to drive very slow as there was sheet ice everywhere,people walking to work were slipping over although the road's weren't bad thank's to be gritted.Everything was covered in ice.

It was a little brighter near Corwen and the temperature rose above freezing and we were pulling into the car park next to the Afon Croesor at 10 a.m.

This was Julie's first visit to the village so i showed her the slate carving's and lido.

We left the village walking past the capel and onto the mossy lane en route to the Cnicht.

Which way now Jue ?

We were now out into the open and the view's weren't to bad considering,we soon took our coat's off as it was quite warm lower down.Hitting the crest above Cwm Croesor we got our first view of the Cnicht.

A few patches of snow were visible higher up and mist was obscuring the view every so often.There was a lot more snow on the Moelwynion.

Gaining height i put my coat back on as it was freezing and we noticed a deterioration in condition's,ice prominent on the grass and rock's.

Julie wasn't too happy in these condition's so i stopped and put my micro-spikes on her boot's,these gave her a little more confidence and we pressed on.

We arrived at the bottom of the scramble,400 feet and 0.7 miles from the summit but it was here that i nearly went on my backside,doing a great impersonation of Michael Flatley.The whole area was covered in a thick layer of ice and it would of been stupid to carry on,it was treacherous.I made the decision to go back down.

On our descent we dropped down to our right as this was a more grassy route,i wanted to stay off the frozen rock's as much as i could.Eventually we got below the frost line and made quick progress back to Croesor.

Julie thoroughly enjoyed the walk and vowed to come back when condition's are better.We walked a total of 3.5 miles with 1,500 feet of ascent.

MILEAGE     72
ASCENT      16,150
TOPS            20.

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