Sunday, 11 March 2012

#15.MOSS VALLEY.10-3-12.

Today was just a short local walk to see how Julie would fair as she has Plantar Fasciistus in both feet.We walked from our house past Gwersyllt Junior School,turned left up Hope Street and walked under the A541 passing the War Memorial.

It was a beautiful morning and we soon took our fleece off and walked in T-shirt's for the rest of the walk.We now walked up Wheatsheaf Lane and crossed the Summerhill road and dropped down into the Moss Valley,seen below with the now shut King's Head,right in photo.

Crossing the stream we walked up to the disused railway line to come out by the old chapel.

Leaving Moss Valley i wanted to make a short detour to see the Castle Inn who i use to play football for and was dismayed to see that this had gone to the dog's as well.

Dropping back down onto the disused railway line we past another pub,the Halfway,that has shut.What with the nearby Clayton Arms being shut that is 4 pub's in less than 1 mile apart in Moss Valley all shut,very sad indeed.

We now followed the path anticlockwise around the lake which was a hive of activity with lot's of dog walker's,angler's fishing and geese,coot's and frisky mallard's on the lake.

We now took the path up through the tree's staying high above the lake.

Julie's feet were hurting so i cut the walk short and we retraced our step's down the Wheatsheaf Lane,past the Wheatsheaf Pub and home walking 3.5 mile with 500 feet of ascent.

MILEAGE       109
ASCENT         26,700
TOPS               33.

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