Monday, 12 March 2012

#16.RHYD BROUGHTON.12-3-12.

On saturday's walk me and Julie passed a tunnel and footpath in Moss Valley so i had a look on my map to see where it led to and went for a walk on it today.Leaving my house i crossed the disused railway line in Rhosrobin and headed across the field's to reach the Wrexham/Bidston railway line,carefully crossing it i headed through Stansty Farm to reach Stansty Lane,across the lane i went up the bridal path to reach Mold Road.Turning left i headed toward's Wrexham and passed this very aromatic Apple Blossom.

Crossing Summerhill Road the footpath sign led me into field's behind the Rhyd Broughton Vet's,seen left.

Turning right half way down the hedgerow and across another field full of growing crop's.

Now following the stream in the direction of Moss Valley on my left and a very boggy area full of bull rush below Gatewen Hall.

Although overcast it was quite warm i then passed the spoil heap from the disused coal mine which is overgrown with tree's and shrub's and full of birdlife.

Rounding the spoil heap i got my first view of the canal tunnel built by Thomas Telford which was never used as the project was abandoned.

Walking through the tunnel which carried the railway line above i turned right on the upper path walking away from the lake.

Looking down to the lake.

Moss Valley Country Park trail marker.

Picking the road up i now headed through the housing estate and home.Another 3.5 mile walked with 300 feet of ascent.

MILEAGE      112.5
ASCENT        27,000
TOPS             33.


  1. Nice few walks there, things are finally getting green again and soon the clock will change and the days grow giving us all more time to get walking.

  2. Cheer's Sam.Yes the night's are drawing out.